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1May, 2004

Incurable PCa? Consider Brachytherapy

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Saturday, May 1, 2004 Incurable PCa? Consider Brachytherapy Over the past decade, prostate brachytherapy has gained increasing popularity for the treatment of prostate cancer, especially in view of the favorable side-effect profile when compared to alternative therapies. The number of patients treated with this modality is now on par with both radical prostatectomy and full-course external beam radiotherapy (EBRT) as the primary treatment for early stage prostate cancer. Despite entering the mainstream, patients diagnosed with intermediate and locally advanced high-risk prostate cancer are often discouraged from undergoing brachytherapy. Instead, their […]

1Jan, 2004

Radiation First, Then Seed Implant

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Thursday, January 1, 2004 Radiation First, Then Seed Implant: More Ammunition to Support this Sequence in the Treatment of Prostate Cancer Perhaps the most contested issue in the combination of external beam radiation with radioactive seed implant treatment for prostate cancer has been the order in which the two therapies are delivered. There have been strong opinions on both sides. With the recent publication of “Increased Expression of PSA mRNA During Brachytherapy in Peripheral Blood of Patients with Prostate Cancer” in the journal Urology (Urology 60:270-275, 2002) compelling evidence now […]

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